Menu ideas for halloween themed birthday?!

Question: Menu ideas for halloween themed birthday?
I;m having a big halloween themed party for my birthday this year. there will be about 15 people, counting my husband and me. I was thinking making "dirt' 9 the chocolate pudding with the oreos and worms), popcorn, chips and salsa, and for the main dish, crock pot bbq chicken. THere will also be an ice cream cake and candy ( because halloween requires candy!)

for drinks i was going to provide alcohol for carmel apple shooters and 'brain' cocktails, plus soda and water. ( but byob, I'm not made of money!)

what other side dishes or snacks can i add, and how much do you think i'll need? I got those bags of individually frozen chicken breasts, and there are 8 breasts in each bag. I figured each person could have one peice, since they are pretty big.


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You can put the chicken on skewers and bake them/broil them or grill them, make different dipping sauces, satay sauce is tasty, because who doesn't like peanut butter. You can look up different recipes and try them out to see what works best. I would also have something fresh like cut up fruit or veggies with a dip. If you do fruit a dip that I like to use is put 1 packet of sugar free white chocolate jello pudding into 1 cup of Dannon plan yogurt, sounds weird but for some reason it tastes exactly like cheesecake.

Keep in mind with 15 people not everyone is going to have a helping of every item, you're going to have leftovers, which is good, you'd rather have too much food than not enough.

I made these deviled eggs one halloween and the hard boiled yolks, I food colored them into a blueish/green and then put that back in the hardboiled whites and then used a sliced black olive to look like a pupil of the eye. So, they looked like eyes when they were all assembled.

And, you can make spaghetti salad to look like intestines.

Hope that helps...

i love the halloween food shown here:…

make green jelly, lime flavour maybe. and put gummy worms and bugs in it before it sets :)

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