What should i have or do at my graduation party? ASAP?!

Question: What should i have or do at my graduation party? ASAP?
my party is long ways away like after this year after 2011 if the world don't end. Okay were are going to have a big blow out b/c people thought i would not make it this far because of my health problems so we are inviting big loads of people. My mom is renting tables it is out side . But i am not sure how much a dj cost or anything like that. Were are even inviting my doctors nurse who wanted to come when i seen her this year evening though it will be ark ward having her there not sure if the doctor is going to come b/c he works all the time. Also what do people usually get at graduations party's ?

So what do i do i am already thinking about it lol. Not sure if were decoration though b/c my mom sucks at it.


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TACO IN A BAG IS A HIT!!! ITS AT EVERY PARTY AND ITS EASY TO MAKE.... look it up on google, you can use many different types of chips.

im with the first answer

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