Need some ideas on how to entertain our American neighbours?!

Question: Need some ideas on how to entertain our American neighbours?
We are an Indian (Asian) family recently moved to a new house. Our neighbours are very friendly and we are keen on building a strong friendship with them. We would like to invite them over but we are not very familar with American food and style of entertaininging. Need help planning this. My questions are:

- Coffee, Drinks or Dinner - Which is the best option?
- If we invite them for dinner, any ideas on what we can serve?
We would like to serve 1-2 Indian dishes with very low spice but would like some ideas for American/Western dishes. I am not good at cooking non-Indian food. So is it okay to get food from a good restaurant and serve? Should we tell them that we ordered the food?

Any help is highly appreciated.


i think you should invite them over for dinner and drinks so yall can get to know eachother better....juss serve them what you would normally would be a good experiance for them to know a little about your colture..just give planty options and variety of your meals incase they dont like one....and if you insist on cooking american food you can google recipies of anything you would like to make if you can follow a recipie it'll come out fine,pratice ahead of time if you'd like....and if you would like to get food from a restaurant why not just invite them for dinner at a restaurant so everyone can each get what they want....dont worry anything you serve theyt will eat everyone likes new experiences and learning new coltures atleast i do....well hope ive helped some...good luck

what i would do...

If I had an Indian neighbor and they invited me over for dinner, I would be expecting (and hoping) for an Indian dish. Everyone gets tired of eating the same thing all the time. If you really think an all Indian dinner might be too much for them to handle at one time you can always go with a good ol' American cookout. Burgers and hotdogs (or chicken and steak) (or any combination), potato salad, and corn on the cob is always a great idea.

As an american, I would suggest you make your menu all indian cuisine. We eat american/western dishes all the time, we cook it every night at home. Getting the opportunity to try other cuisines, authentically prepared, is a rare treat. The low spice options are a sure thing, but go with what you know and introduce them to new and exciting food. Tea would seem ideal, offer coffee at the end of the meal. I would love to be your neighbor.

If you were my Indian neighbor, I'd want you to serve me food like you are used to serving Indian friends. You might want to tone down the heat if its a hot and spicy dish--because the american diet is bland in comparison to many Asian diets. For drinks, make some tea ahead of time and have some soda, juice, or beer on-hand. Be ready to make coffee. When your guests come over, ask them if they'd like a drink and offer tea or soda or juice or coffee. If you normally make a special kind of tea for your family, then have that ready. I think having the neighbors over for dinner is about sharing culture! Would your neighbors try to prepare Indian dishes for you? Not likely! I would not get food from a restaurant and serve that--no way.

When getting to know us American neighbors I find it's always a good idea to start slow. No big dinner as the first get together. Maybe invite them to go out to dinner with you on the weekend, each paying for themselves. And then some coffee and desert at your home afterward. This way you get to know each other better and see if you really do want them in your lives.

If that goes great, see if they then invite you over or out somewhere. If so, good, if not, they don't want to get personally involved with you, just want to keep it neighborly "Hi and Goodby". After a while you can move toward more get togethers if you both find each other interesting as friends.

Slow at first.

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