what industry category is wedding design in?!

Question: What industry category is wedding design in?
trying to apply at a temp agency and I want to design party favors etc. and possibly work on wedding cakes and beautiful details. i have to pick an industry from a long list of industries like:
restaurant and food service
hospitality and tourism
customer service and call center
consulting services
arts entertainment and media


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It depends which exactly you'd like to do. If you'd like to design and decorate wedding cakes, then you'll be choosing Restaurant and Food Service. Planning weddings or events, I'd suggest Hospitality. Designing party favors (food? paper? what?), depending on which, then you might be looking at either Food Service or Design. You'll likely only be doing one of these at a time, so consider which best calls your interest. Keep in mind that you'll likely have the flexibility of moving into different areas within the wedding business. Good luck with whichever you choose; it's an exciting business!

Baker and Wedding Cake Decorator for multi-service catering company

If you are actually making and decorating cakes then that would be food service, if you are making wedding favors that are unique that you create then you are a designer, if you merely are orchestrating the wedding but not actually making anything I would call that a consulting service. Sounds to me though you should call yourself a wedding planner and then list the services you provide and if you had to pick from that list I would pick consulting services it's vague enough to cover almost anything.


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