What would you do for a Klondike Bar ?!

Question: What would you do for a Klondike Bar ?
Yeah, I know this is such a dumb and overused question, but seriously ..
What would YOU do ?!
Most creative answer gets 10 points !
Thanks ! :D


I would live on Jupiter for a week, admit I'm gay (I'm not) kill my self and be reincarnated as an Dr5Io9 Martian 40 times, jump into a bottomless pit, be crushed by a black hole (I was reading an astronomy book), live as a rock for 50 years, not itch any itch I have for 20 years, drink blood that was drank by an ant that was eaten by a praying mantis that was by a sparrow that was eaten by a lizard that was eaten by a snake that was eaten by a lion that was eaten by a bigger snake all while I chop off my penis.

I would kill a man and drive with him beside me in my car and pretend hes alive, and make him wave at people

My tummy

Nothing. They're disgusting. Go ask Derrell from the Walmart commercials. He said he'd do ANYTHING for one.

i would go to the store and buy one! most creative right?

my brain

I wouldn't do anything

"Cluck like chicken, quack like duck"
Seriously though... I'd probably just go buy one.

I'd spit on the sidewalk.

i would go and find santa claus 4 u and get some cool presents along the way!!!!!!! ohh and elves 2 elves r AWESOME!!!

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