What would be a good name for a cupcake truck?!

Question: What would be a good name for a cupcake truck?
I'm looking into taking my business to the street with a cupcake delivery truck, but I'm pretty stuck on the name. I fell in love with the name "Curbside Cupcakes", but it's taken :-( Any thoughts?


I think I read somewhere that you may be able to still use it as long as it's not in your state/area so check further into that if you haven't already.

Baker's Men-sounds like the baker's have men out on the streets working lol. You could have a pic of "wise guys" holding cupcakes looking tough maybe.

Cupcake ComMOTION delivery

Sweet Roadrage...Crazy for Cupcakes

Cupcake Fairy?

The Cupcake Stork LOL I'm getting sleepy

Velvety Treats

Sweet Creations

Awesome Cupcakes

Cupcakes on the go

Rollin' Cupcakes

little sweeties

"Truck-cakes" from our oven to your door

we bake em, we truck em, you enjoy them

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