Party Ideas for 12-13 Year Old Girls?!

Question: Party Ideas for 12-13 Year Old Girls?
Ok So I Am Going To B 12 In A Few Weeks But I Don't Know What To Do And My Birthday is in November So We Cant Go Outside Cuz Its To Cold Got Any Ideas?


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- Have a party at an indoor pool if available for parties.
- Definitely have a sleep over. Make up questions to ask and put them on a piece of paper or index cards, then put them in a bowl or something, make a wheel with an arrow on it to spin and "free pass" on some spots of the wheel. Sit in a circle and have the first person pick a question without looking & then reads the question to the person the left. They can answer the question or spin the wheel and try for a free pass. If the person gets a free pass the person to their left either answers or spins to try and get a free pass and so on. If the person to the left does not get a free pass they have to answer the question. You can change things around or add thing to however you want it.
- Get a nice picture frame and have someone take a picture of you with your friends that came to your party and put it in that picture frame. Depending on your budget you can buy frames for your friends also and make copies of the pic and put them in the frames and give them to your friends so they can remember the party and the fun you and your friends had. Also you can take a lot of pics and put them in albums.
- do make overs
- dress up and put on a show ( make your own stage)
- watch movies
- order pizza
- go to the movies in your pj's
- dress up like a celebrity and maybe go out in public to a mall or somewhere.
- one interesting game is a survival game. Ask survival questions and see how much you and your friends really know about survival. You can learn playing something like this. One good one is "Worse Case Scenario.

I hope you and your friends have fun with whatever you decide.

A make-over party, do each others make-up (ask everyone to bring a few cosmetics and share), do hair, dress up in fancy night gowns and pose for (G - Rated) pictures. Can dance, lay around and watch movies or whatever in all your gorgeousness after that.

Raised a daughter & used to be one, too.

When I was younger a lot of my friends had parties at bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, or roller skating rink. Then they'd usually have a sleep over afterwards. If you're the creative type you could also have a fun time at home just playing games and handing out prizes. Maybe also you could have it at a movie theater? You can book rooms at the theater usually to serve cake and all before/after the movie.

look here--lots of party ideas:

Chuckie. E cheese.

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