I need to rent a place out for my sweet 16 party!?!

Question: I need to rent a place out for my sweet 16 party!?
Soo my birthday is in October,and i dont know where to have the party I have everything basically planned out. I live in Washington DC and i want to make it easy for everyone to get to buy car or metro. He has to have a place to dance and maybe help us with the food. If you had your party and it was perfect maybe you could help me out? Thankies everyone :] Oh its between 100-250 people


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Bowling alley or Chuck-E-Cheeze.

What's with 16th birthday parties being all extravagent anyway? All those people going aren't really your friends. They're just there for a free party.

Rent a old warehouse, but of course have police stand outside for your safety.

ah banquet hall perhaps. call your local banquet hall or hotels.

Its too cold in October.

The best hotel in the city of cource why be cheap u r turning 16

It might be hard to book a place at this point. People usually look into these things a few months before a party. What's the budget?

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