good introduction for a demonstrative speech on how to set a formal dinner table?!

Question: Good introduction for a demonstrative speech on how to set a formal dinner table?
im giving this speech in my basic communication class and im having a hard time finding an opening line/ paragraph that relates to the group (young first year college students). i want something that will catch peoples attention, without coming off korny. i want people to really think it is important to know how to set a formal table



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That group is only going to relate to pizza boxes--so why not humor them and talk about how convenient it is to use a pizza box as a serving platter...and that SOME day they when they outgrow the pizza box, they'll need something a bit more to fall back on to entertain their dinner guests! plates and silverware and fancy glassware. Not EVERY party in their adult years will include "Beer Pong"!

Then say : You need to know this WHY??!....because you never know what important occasion will present itself to you and your social skills will be put to the test....a dinner over the boss's house? a formal wedding or event? maybe you'll be the bride or the groom.... a reason to impress a special person you're in love with? Entertaining is something we do all our lives...and/or are at least a guest taking part .....avoid looking like the Buffoon...tuck this important info into the back of your brain so that you can pull it out and use it to your advantage when the occasion permits.

I'd also show them different ways to fold dinner napkins--or at the very least mention it.

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