What should I have for dinner?!

Question: What should I have for dinner?
I have pcos which means I can't have alot of beef and fatty foods. So many wheat bread, veggies, and stuff like that, but I need something that is feeling and tastes good so my dad will eat it to and my little sister.


My old stand by is grilled veggie sandwich and tomato soup. You can put cheese on the ones for your father and sister.

Slice the veggies (zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms) and saute' in a bit of olive oil with a dash of soy sauce and italian seasoning until tender. Add sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella (the kind purchased that is in water in balls) and some pesto or fresh basil leaves and some lettuce. A nice fresh crusty bread is best for this type of sandwich because the interior is soft.

retired chef.

Chop up:
and spinnach

then put in a pan of a little bit of water not too much, and mix all of the veggies..

start cooking them, put in lemon and herbs.. salt

And if you can Italian dressing is bomb in it..

and well as for wheat spag. Im not a fan of it unless its spiral NOOOOOOOOM.

lol I just cook those noodles and put some butter in it then the veggies ontop of it,
a nice baked potato...

maybe some chicken? lemon..i love lemon

Vegetable stir fry over fried rice

Salmon, couscous and steamed veggies

Halibut and vegetable kabobs

Pizza OR Burgers.
Sandwiches: Tuna OR Hot dogs!

a toastie?

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