Ideas for a girl's 15th birthday party?!

Question: Ideas for a girl's 15th birthday party?
I'm turning 15 in December, and yet my friends are already asking me what I'm going to do for my birthday this year. They said my birthday last year was LOADS of fun, &I'm glad they had fun! 'cause I did too. Except the thing is I invited like almost 20 people last year to my house. This year I want to keep it in the range of about 5-7 people? What should I do for my birthday? I'm open to any ideas :) &I live in Texas by the way, and it's cold during that time so I'd prefer not to do anything outdoors :)


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Alice in Wonderland theme inside a candy store

there are alot of good ideas on these sites. some are inside, but maybe it will help.

pizza ,movies ,and sleepover

Manicures and dinner.

Laser tag is so fun for birthdays. and the less people the more challenging it is.


throw glass bottles at justin bieber

go to the movies or have a sleepover

Look at the themes for teens at this site:

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