Really need 15th Birthday Party ideas !!!?!

Question: Really need 15th Birthday Party ideas !!!?
Heey :) 2 months it will be my 15th BDay & im invitinq three of my bestest qirl buds to a sleepover @ my previous years we jus hanq out, played sinqstar (karaoke), ate pizza & watched movies...but this year i wanna do somethinq different because im movinq away to Oz & this will be my last BDay @ not sure what to do tho lol...I dont have a very biq budqet so i cant to anythinq extravagant...i want my BDay to be memorable...PLEEEASSEE HELP !!!


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How about hosting a "Murder Mystery Night"? Everybody gets special invites and is given a set character to play, and also has to arrive dressed up as that character and in costume. I did this for my daughter`s 16th and she and her friends loved it. There are lots of different ones available...I`m attaching a link, to give you some idea, but basically there are loads, I just put Murder Mystery Game into the search engine. If you find a good one to suit you, you could base the food around that theme too. Hope this helps, and good luck with the party and your move.

get dressed up and then go out some-were and have something nice to eat then go out and watch a show or come back to your house and just have a minni rave eg dance music & lots of food ? have a theme for your birthday eg 60's then have your party around that theme eg clothing ,food ,decoration
for my 15th i rented out a small venue and invited my best mates and had a massive rave there that was amazing BUT if your gonna have a big party i would not recommend having a house party as they can get really messy :/
anyway happy early birthday . :)

start here, you'll find lots of good ideas:

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