What questions should I ask as a Hostess/Greeter in Olive Garden restaurant?!

Question: What questions should I ask as a Hostess/Greeter in Olive Garden restaurant?
I've recently been hired at Olive Garden and I have no experience whatsoever. :( I need help guys.. I've been in the front twice [Busy hours] and I've done a lot of mistakes. I don't want to be quiet as I walk our guests to their table so I'd like to know what I should ask them as I walk there.. I'm not good at this .. lol D:

Questions I know that NEVER works well ..

1. How are you?
2. How's your day so far?
3. Are you here for an occasion?



You need to ask open ended questions that require more of a response than yes or no. Example : Welcome ! What brings you in today ? Be prepared with follow ups. Of course you and I know dinner, but it requires more than yes or no. Then follow up with a positive response "Great ! " Are you here for our all you can eat pasta bowl ? Or even how many in your party. You really do get used to it. How would you treat guests coming into your home ?

Find out about the promotions and mention them.
Is your party there to celebrate a birthday? (a specific occasion works)

Who cares, jobs are for fags.

I don't think that's necessary, it's pretty loud in there so people wouldn't be able to hear you anyway and it's a short walk from the front to their table, I mean how big can olive garden be? I think I've very seldom had a hostess talk to me while walking to the table, I'd rather just follow her and sit down. sometimes I'm even talking to the people in my party so I can't also talk to the hostess. if they respond in one word, take that to mean they don't want to talk to you! nothing personal, but they're there to eat and be with their friends, that's all. the servers work for tips so let them chat up the customers and kiss their butt, it's not your job to do that unless the manager tells you to. just smile and be friendly and seat them.

People feel put upon if they think they're getting the 3rd degree from some Hostess asking questions like the ones you've mentioned. Some may be there on a blind date...(or a clandestine meeting), some families have already had an exhausting day and just want to relax, eat and have a drink. And telling them what the specials are is the Server's job...so don't do that either.

A better approach is just to give a cheerful greeting, welcome them and thank them for coming to Olive Garden--definitely ask how many are in their party, and lead them on their way. Just close by saying you hope they have an enjoyable meal. And please take note(to yourself) if the guest is either deaf or blind (white walking stick and/or holding onto the arm or back shoulder of another guest) and walk a clear path and advise Server so Server can give excellent service to them. (I mention this because on my daughter's first day of working at Olive Garden a party of deaf people were seated by Hostess and no one knew and so it was obvious that no one tried to communicate with them to find this out...quite by accident and EXTREME good fortune for all, my daughter was their Server and the ONLY one in the whole establishment that knew sign language!....because she had studied it in college).

...and NEVER flirt with any male customer when he is dining with a female...in fact, pay special attention to the female in the party instead.....and keep the cologne at home (people don't want to get sickened by the smell...it competes with the aromas of the cuisine).

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