my11 yr old daughter wants a rave party so i need some ideas what to do?!

Question: My11 yr old daughter wants a rave party so i need some ideas what to do?

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11 year old... must have some older sisters or brothers. anyway.. for 11 i think :
1. Glow Sticks Tons.. hanging from everywhere
2. Glow necklaces / Bracelets
3. Glow in the dark / black light Face Paint (everyone needs a peace sign on there cheek)
4. Black lights and Colored lights
5. Fog or Bubble machine
6. Drum & Base Music... or House
7. Water bottles (each 1 with a glow stick)
8. If you have the extra $ a bounce house is a perfect place to have a "Light Show Contest"
9. Ravers have fun colorful jewelry .. easy to make and afforable! Just buy 3 bags of plastic colorful, sparkly, and glow in the dark beads. Some yarn or string (that will tie in a knot) Also you can buy the beads with the letters on them to personalize better. A fun craft for all ages .. Great way yo start th party!
10. Have a dance contest or better known as a light show contest.
11. For snacks ... Ring PoPs, Cheetos, Fruit Loops, Cotton Candy, M&Ms, PB&Js, yummm :) really anything would be good so to your kids liking.
12. Loud music, good vibes, and great kids will make the party! Have a Blast!

well i guess techno and strobe lights and black-lights also luminescent markers Landry detergents illuminates just like the markers too.

and a fog machine i guess glow sticks and a gallon of water( water is for the glow stick to brake them and mix them in they will glow in the black-lights)...... what, why would a 11 year old want a rave party.... rave party's normally are crawling with people on extacy and other drugs... not saying shes on drugs or whatever just saying it can be a gateway thing.


1) Sleepover party (maybe with a certain theme where the house is decorated; like a princess theme, halloween theme, cartoon theme, etc)

2) Ice/rollerskating party at an indoor rink

3) Sleepover party and bringing your daughter and her friends to the movies

Hope this helps!!

Past party experiences

Strobe lights. LOTS of glow-sticks. Make sure the dress code is neon colors and white. Look up popular rave music on youtube, something Very fast and jumpy. OH and can't forget the black-lights!
get a fog machine or bubble machine for added affect. Oh and those colorful disco spinning lights? those are fun too.

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