what if im at a house party and it gets busted?!

Question: What if im at a house party and it gets busted?
there is a house party tonight that i reallyyyy want to go to. but people are saying they think its going to get busted because its in a big neighborhood and theres supposedly like 50 people going. and there will be weed and alcohol there. but i really want to go..im 17 btw. so what if im drinking. and the cops come downstairs (is that likely to happen?!), do i run or like hide. or idk i just dont want it to happen and i dont want to get in trouble. bc i really wanna go. i just wanna know what you do in that position?! AND..what would the consequences be for every kid thats there? i live in pa.


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Just don't go. You know that people will be breaking the law and that there is a good chance the cops will show up. Why would you even risk it? You would be detained and taken to jail along with everyone else they arrest. You would then be tested for drugs and alcohol. Best case scenario they would let you off with a warning. Worst case they would charge you for drug possession and you would do time.

I went to mannny parties that got busted when I was in high school. I only ended up with one drinking ticket at a house party. If it does get busted, the worst thing that will probably happen is that you will get a drinking ticket. As long as you are respectful to the cops and tell them the truth, nothing worse can happen. People that get smart with the cops or try to run usually end up in handcuffs & are sent to jail for the night. If you hide, they will find you ....they usually search the houses at underage parties...especially ones that big. Just be careful :)

VERY VERY VERY BAD IDEA! You will not just get arrested for going, but kill yourself in a car! Also, it is not healthy for people under the age of 21 because you can get slurred speech and all that stuff! research the side effects of alcohol and beer for people under the age of 21 on google and I think you will change your mind. Also, if you have a drivers license, after you drink some, you will want more and more, and you wil be driving under the influence.

First of all.... Sounds like not a good place for you to be with drugs involved. But your a kid so I understand where you are coming from... My only advice is, if your parents are letting you go, then go. But if it does get busted run like hell! If they catch you and you have been drinking you will be charged for drinking under age.

best bet is just not to go...
but if you reallllly want to, hiding works well (in a trash can/clothes hamper. Where ever ppl wont look), and only run if you know the area like the back of your hand...
But if the police catch you and decide to punish ppl (50/50chance) you will get an underage. Otherwise they'll just call your parents :P which can be ALOT worse.

I'm a kid in PA who's be down that road too...

well i live in ca and im 23 but when i was your age i went to all kinds of house parties! i never got cought and when the cops did show up all they did was tell us to not be so loud and at the worst break up the party ... if your asked (and ur drunk) you are sleeping there tonight! also dont make yourself stand out. be quiet and dont look drunk and you will be fine. BE SAFE and have tons of fun.

Just run and hope you don't get caught if you can being drunk and high as hell.

There is no real way to answer this questions. This really depends on so many different factors. Do you live in a larger city? If so then you will most likely be told to leave and it will be left at that. Big city police departments these days have major budget issues and usually don't do much in regards to something that to them in the over all scheme of things is not a big deal. They can't really baby sit some kids when they have to get to a robbery call down the street etc.

On the other hand if you live in a small town this could get blown up into a big deal because some times small town police are bored and have nothing better to do.

This also depends on the cop(s) involved some will let everyone go and be done with it. Some may want to be a bit more "hard core" and arrest/ticket as many people as possible.

I know one thing for sure. If the cops do show up and tell you to go home or at least bring the noise level down and then they have to come back later the same night they are going to be highly pissed and at that point they are going to put the screws to as many people as possible. In other words if they give you a break and just tell you to calm the noise down or go home do so asap because you for sure do NOT want them coming back. The feel like the warning was abused when they have to come back and are usually very angry at that point.

Don't be disrespectful to the officer. Just say yes officer and no officer the less you speak the better. Be honest also. They would just assume you admitted to under age drinking and weed than they would have you lie only to find out later.

If there will be or you even suspect there will be harder drugs there then forget the whole thing! That can get people in trouble big time and it would not even be worth going to at all. Hard drugs carry a felony sentence!

Back in the day the cops showed up at a few of my house parties and usually as long as there were no hard drugs they simple broke it up or told us to keep the noise down.

The most pertinent ideas: NO hard drugs! Period!, NO drinking and driving and no fighting. Usually if you can stay away from those things it turns out alright.

Old man with memories of house parties. lol

You run the hell outta there if they find out there is drugs there. First off, you don't answer the door. They can't enter without a warrant or probable cause. If the door gets opened and they see that there is underage drinking, or drugs then they have probable cause to enter. If they are cool, they will break it up and tell everyone to go home, making sure nobody is drunk driving. If they notice you're high, they might start arresting people. So make sure people aren't smoking out in the open.

Also, know your exits. If you're outside, no where the side gate is, or be sure you know how to hop a fence.

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