Party Food for 21st Birthday, Help please!?!

Question: Party Food for 21st Birthday, Help please!?
I am having my 21st Birthday Party, next weekend. I do not have a bunch of money to spend on it, It isn't specifically themed, I'm having it outside in a field and we will be having a fire and some people will be camping out there for the night.. I know roasting hotdogs over the fire or marshmallows isn't too expensive, but I'm trying to think of other ideas that would work well too.. Any suggestions?? Thanks! It doesn't have to be very very cheap, just something affordable to feed about 20-35 people!


Make some loaves of Pepperoni Bread (you get about 10 big slices from a 1-lb. loaf)...just get the ready-made pizza dough from your grocery store>>>throw in some spinach leaves for color and health value. You can make it however you's a basic recipe, just modify it to your tastes. It'll be easy to transport and eat at the party:…

You need a sweet treat...something along the lines of cookie bars (Betty Crocker has box mixes that are good--brownies on the bottom with choc. chip cookie mix on top). Easy to make and transport.

You can make up individual caramel popcorn balls and wrap them to pass out. Or make up a trail mix.

You can make a big Shepherd's Pie (although when using ground beef it's called Cottage Pie)...cook it at home and bring it with utensils and disposable plates. Having some hearty food as opposed to just chips/snacks will hold them much longer and be more filling.

Chips, cheezies, funions, some sort of dip, doritos, pretzels, bush pies, and maybe have everyone bring a snack to the party too

Baked beans.
Corn bread.
If you have a small grill you could make hamburgers too.

chips and alcohol.

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