Im hosting a 70s neon party .....?!

Question: Im hosting a 70s neon party .....?
Its for about 15-20 teenagers( all girls)

Any ideas what to dress as ( the shorter the better ) lol ?????



this site has a disco 70's party and a neon party. Look at both for ideas:…

Neon bracelets.
Neon nail polish
black lights or the lights off with a strobe light on... (its a cool thing that the light flashes on, off, on off etc.)
glow in the dark neon bracelets.

there you go.

oh, lol, it you want the best 70's music, try Michael Jacksons Off The Wall album... awesome tunes..

Dress as Goldie Hawn from the Rowan and Martin Laugh-in show. now that was real neon. Bright Yellow mini skirt with day-glow pink flowers on it. with a day-glow green top and large white framed sun glasses. that should show up with a black light.

Just have a lot of black lights in the room and have everyone wear as much white as possible. Or as least white as possible. Lol! Don't forget the mood rings!

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