Throwing a Party help?!

Question: Throwing a Party help?
I'm helping throw a party for my 16 yr old sis we don't really know what all we should get for the teen to eat

The party is in the afternoon this fall not a huge party but teen love to eat so anyone have great ideas


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Well when we had a sweet sixteen for my eldest daughter larissa we did a few different things! They had a sleep over in my basement and they all brought their own sleeping bags! For food we got a few pizzas, also i mad a nacho dip that went first . Also we had punch and pop to drink. Also for food thier was your usual chips and cookies also we had some fruit and of course candie ! I am giving you the recip for the out of this world nacho dip the kids with love it and so will u and your family!

1 stick of cream cheese
1 small container of sour cream
1 jar of salsa
chedder cheese
green olives
one pack of the taco mix flavouring

First blend together the cream cheese,sour cream and the taco flavouring in a medium size bowl. After it is smooth evenly spread it along the bottom of a medium size container. Then add the salsa on top of that. Finall add the cheese to that (grade it first) and than put in the green olives! My kids and my family love this and it is so tasty and awesome! :)

Tell our sister i say happy birthday and enjoy the party! Try this recipe!

I had a 'small' sixteenth party for my eldest daughter Megan and trust me, teens love to eat. Do you know the shops asda, marks & Spencer's, iceland, Tesco? they all have amazing deals on party foods like cakes and chocolate, sweets, ice cream etc. They may sound like little children's party foods but they'll love them. go on the websites and check.

If the party is a surprise, and you have time before the party date, you can casually ask her what she likes to eat, or you can watch & see what she eats or snacks on, then get food and drinks along those lines.

Good luck - hope she enjoys it.

look here for some ideas:…

get a bunch of chips & dips
lollies ALOT of lollies
soda's or alcohol if yous are allowed .
loads of chocolate, ice cream (:
stuff like that .

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