I'm 12. and my 13th birthday party is comming up.?!

Question: I'm 12. and my 13th birthday party is comming up.?
im getting a dj and it might be a pool party. it will def be the best party of the year. (btw its at my house) so im just wondering if we should play 7 minutes in heaven. i know we are only 13, but i really like a lot of these guys and so do my friends. so suggestions? also, im definately kissing this one guy (even if we dont play the game) so where should that happen?


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look here for pool party ideas:

No I wouldn't do that. It would start a lot of rumors that could hurt a lot of people's feelings. Beside just leave it up to the guy to kiss you if he wants to.

do it in ur room and use a closet.. or somewhere in ur house where people will have some privacy, and play truth or dare but have really good dares.


You are way to young for anything like that. Just have a normal party that 13 years old have.

Be safe.

Wait till your older! Your not even in high school yet! You WILL regrett it(:

na dont do that yet

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