What should I do for my 14th birthday party?!

Question: What should I do for my 14th birthday party?
Soo my birthday's comin up, i was wondering whats a good idea?
Im planning on inviting about 10 people
I kinda want to go bowling, but since it's boys/girls, they have a tendency to split themselves up and wont talk to the opposite gender even if we're all really close friends lol, so I wanted to do something where we'd all talk to eachother.
I also wanted to have it at my house, but i dont think there's a room big enough for 10 people, and i can't have it in my yard cause the weather's pretty unpredictable here, it will most likely rain anyway.
Any ideas?? thanks so much!!
(btw money's not really an object soo yeahh)


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I'm 14 this year as well ^^
I am thinking of Doing A Clue/Cluedo party, and since your only having 10 people that would work for you!
For instance, in the invitation you could label who everyone has to come dressed as, for instance some of the girls will be Miss Scarlet, whereas some will be Ms. Peacock etc, some of the Boys might be Colonel Mustard or Rusty the gardener etc.
So, you would be the Butler to the owner of the 'Mansion, when everyone arrives you would have everyone together and start welcoming them, you would have who ever is the maid (perhaps your mother, older sister or even one of the guests) to scream out, then run to you and pronounce The owner has been killed, your guests now have to work out, via clues you have hidden around your house, who did it, what weapon they used, and when it happened, I think It would be really awesome!
Also, If you have more guests than characters you can Make some up, or make it a team game, where there are teams e.g. A team would be called "The Miss Scarlets"(and everyone in the group would dress as her). also, you cannot forget to have a prize for the winner(s) maybe them recieving a copy of 'Cluedo' would be novelty, but maybe they could get something that would be more appreciated, and perhaps a certificate of appreciation, You can also have a prize for the best costume(s).
Also each room could be labeled as one from the game E.g. The Kitchen would be obvious with a sign saying 'Kitchen' but something like The Billiards room you may not have, so you might use a spare room or study for that ;)

My Mind, The game etc.

Maybe stay at a hotel? rent two rooms and a ballroom or party room for the party and then have them stay over? Or just rent a large room for the party and you and a few of your close friends stay the night there? Most hotels have an indoor or at least an outdoor pool.

My 12th birthday party.

hire a large hall or room from a local place.
buy a disco ball and some flasing lights,
bring a CD player or (a ipod on its deck) if you have one.
have a club theme/disco and have fun!

or go bowling like you said and then all go for a meal where you can get a big table and all sit and talk.

indoor skydiving.


have a meal somewhere, then go se a film or something after.

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