Party ideas for 13 year olds?!

Question: Party ideas for 13 year olds?
I'm 15, and my younger sister is having a birthday party next weekend. She's 13, and her friends are either 12 or 13. She;s going to have a sleepover, and there are going to be about 5 or 6 girls, and 2 boys might come during the day, but not sleep over.
Last year we tried a murder mystery game, we bought it online, and some of the kids thought it was really cool and fun, but a few of the kids had very short attention spans and got distracted trying to throw things at each other and wrestling, so it didn't work out very well.
She doesn't know what she wants to do this year. For my birthday two months ago, I invited four friends, and we just hung out, put funny temporary tattoos on each other, had cake and presents, watched a scary movie, and slept in my treehouse. I don't think this will work for her friends, because they're very active, and her party is going to be a few hours longer than mine.
What would you suggest they do? Is there some sort of craft that's not too childish, and would entertain them? Or some kind of game? A board game, or an active game? Thanks!


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Man hunt is really fun. You could buy a couple walkie talkies or just use your cell phone. buy cheap bandanas to represent your team color. also rent a scary movie or something like that. Really fun!!

okay im going to list a coupple of options
*facebook stalk people together
*play uno or apples to apples
*capture the flag
*everyone brings their 360 and you do a system link with halo reach

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