Ideas for a 16th birthday party?!

Question: Ideas for a 16th birthday party?
What is something to do for a 16th birthday party in allen texas? Or anything very close to there? i turn 16 in june but I never am good with planning parties and the invites are always way too late. Plus I don't want anywhere where my parents can see people grinding on each other. And I can't have a house party. Any ideas? something fun and memorable for a lot of people.


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okay well in texas i think its in carrolton, TX there is a place called group dynamix and basically you invite alot of people and each one gets a partner and you get to go up in the air all at the same time and walk obsticale courses in the air and its fun and scary!! i loved it. look it up on the internet. plus its fun for girls and boys at any age.

Masaquare partyy!!!!

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