"I wish i was.." party ideas!?!

Question: "I wish i was.." party ideas!?
im having my 16th party and my theme is "i wish i was.."
and im not sure what to go as, or to buy a costume of some sort,
any ideas appreciated!! thanks xoxo


Ok, these are things I wish I was, but should give you some ideas...

- Angel
- Greek Goddess
- Mermaid
- Queen/Princess
- Cartoon (Care Bear, Minnie Mouse, Jessica Rabbit, etc)
- Goth
- Pirate
- Fly on the Wall

Think of what you specifically want to be. I know for my 21st I had always wanted to dress up as an angel so I made sure my theme allowed me to do that. Your theme is cool and will allow you to do whatever you want - so figure out what you have always wanted to dress up as and do it!

OMG! u shud do lady gaga like the person before me said, that would be so funny and awesome!

Dennis Hopper (before he was dead)

i wish i was ... famous :) (dress big glasses etc)
or i wish i was ... Lady GaGa (that would be funny)

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