i am turning 19, celebration ideas?!

Question: I am turning 19, celebration ideas?
i want to do something where i can invite alot of people. i live just outside the city where the clubs are. im just wondering about stuff like where i will sleep, how people can drink and not have to drive home... i've never done this before! i never even been clubbing before!
ANY IDEAS? IT DOESNT JUST HAVE TO BE CLUBBING that was just an idea ( i cant do a house party tho cuz i still live with my mom : (


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haha canadian EY

try something like hiring a huge type of forest cabine where loads of people can sleep on beds couches the floor and the stairs
attract lots of people ? just let everyone come. friends of friends of friends of friends with only 1 present. thats alcohol haha. If everyone brings something everybody will want to go to your party.

clubbing is cool but it will cost u much more money. try staying over at a hotel. or hire a club and arrange taxis to bring people to their homes or a hotel ?
and if u just go clubbing with no hotel or hiring a club, just try to arrange taxis for everyone (to pay themselves) and then bring them wherever they want to

the best party I ever threw was a camping party for my 18th birthday. if you don't know of a free place to go camping you can probably find a camping ground or a national park near you. Grab some tents, a few handles of something farely cheap, make a campfire and just hang out. Im not sure if this is lame but i made all of my friends bring foam swords and we got drunk and had a crazy giant sword fight in this field by the lake and we roasted marshmallows and slept in tents. Its pretty simple and it was so fun. hope this helps!

Tell every1 to meet at a club talk to the club manager to host it there bring out the vodkas woooo gindin g and **** thats good **** homie

Celebrate good times c'mon!

go to canada

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