baking ideas for a birthday party?!

Question: Baking ideas for a birthday party?
my brother is turning 11 in a few weeks and i am going to bake everything for the party from the cake to the cupcakes and snacks. does anyone have any great ideas of anything i can make? the recipe would be very well appreciated, also just ideas of how to decorate the cupcakes and cake would be great!


You should make "cake pops". They're super easy and SO CUTE. and Everybody loves them (they're like chocolate covered cupcakes on a stick

Here's a recipe:…

and here are some tips for decorating them (SO ADORABLE):…

I just learned how to make ice cream cone cupcakes and they're so easy and so much fun...…

I'd decorate them with white frosting with orange and black sprinkles topped with a cherry on top. :)

If you're looking for fun Halloween themed snacks, check out this website. They have tons of ideas!…

what is the theme of the party? if there's no theme, then maybe you could decorate them by making like a big 11 out of all the cupcakes put together you know what i mean? like all the cupcakes' icing would make an 11 when put in the right position. but if there's a theme, follow that. and for snacks, make something delicious, like bake a pizza with weird toppings (he's a boy! haha) or make a type of bread (banana, pumkin, ect) or bake rolls with something inside of them, bake pigs in a blanket, or anything! baking has many options!

When I was younger my grandmother would make us mini pizzas on english muffins and bake them in the toaster oven so they would get crispy. They were the best! You could try something like that along with some other appetizers such as: chicken fingers, french fries, quesadilla rolls, Chips and dip, fruit, breadsticks w/ dipping sauces, and so on.

As far as the cupcakes I would see what your brother wants as a party theme. They sell cupcake rings online at ebay and other places. Or you can used color frosting and decorate w/ his favorite color and some sprinkles. Cupcakes work so much better than a sheet cake at a party!

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