What can i do for my 14th birthday?!

Question: What can i do for my 14th birthday?
On October 10th i am 14, i am having 10 girls around but i am not too sure what i can do?
please help me, as my birthday will be here in no time!
plus, i don't have much money. Thanks!


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Well first,happy birthday i jus turned 14 to lol
Second,does it matter if you got money or not?Your birthday so isn't a party being thrown for you?
But if you don't wanna spend money i suggest ya'll chill at whoever's house is biggest and watch movies,play games,hit up the mall and to window shop or whatever you girls go to the mall intending to do.

Happy birthday!!

Movie marathon!
Get ur girls round and make some popcorn, chips and nachoes and watch a couple of movies, make it start after lunch and end bout 10ish cause then they can have dinner at your house, buy 5 pizzas mayb and they can chill out and eat and watch movies at the same time
Have some games like murder in the dark and truth or dare.

hope it goes great~!!

What did you do for your 13th birthday?

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