Sleepover help movies snacks?!

Question: Sleepover help movies snacks?
Ok I'm having a sleepover just me and 1 other girl first we are allowed to rent 2 movies one we decided on letters to Juliet what's another good fairly new one ps she dosent like horror movies also good snacks no popcorn she has braces pleas help

thanks in advance have a good day :)


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Chips and Salsa is a good snack, as well as Chips and Cheese.

For movies, for a drama...Taken is a good movie. Gets pretty scary at times, though, but not a horror movie.

She's Out of my League is a good movie as well.

I would get something like pizza bites or mini bagel pizzas, mozzarella sticks, chips and dip, ritz crackers (you can top with tuna salad, cheese, turkey and cheese, laughing cow cheese, etc) or pretzels.

You could also go for a bigger snack, like mini finger sandwiches...Make them with whatever you want: peanut butter and jelly, turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, tuna, chicken salad or you could make a small variety. Just cut them in half length wise, and then cut them again diagonally and put them on a plate.

If you want something healthier, have pita chips or vegetables (that she can eat raw easily) with hummus. Or you can have a fruit platter with a cream cheese fruit spread. You can find hummus, fruit spreads, and the platters in any grocery store, usually near the deli. But I would just make my own platter using strawberries, bananas (sprinkle with lemon juice so they don't turn brown), and basically any fruit you like.

Basically, any sort of finger food would be good. I used to have a lot of sleepovers and parties when I was younger lol.

how about ice cream? or chocolate covered strawberries,or chocolate covered marshmallows.jelly beans and those soft puff like chips,yeah ask your mum to buy french fries ! also mini pizza's and milkshake... so girly also smoothies! yeah

how bout a comedy? maybe Date Night, or the hangover. as for food if yall arent wanting things to get caught in braces then yall should make smoothies, or get ur favorite icecream.

chips grease 27 dress

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