Looking for Brunch menu ideas?!

Question: Looking for Brunch menu ideas?
I am hosting a Sunday brunch for a group of 6 girl friends, and I am looking for menu ideas. I do have a few recipes that I have made in the past that I know would work well, but I'd like to try out some new dishes.

I am looking for "breakfast" style items, versus "lunch" items. I would prefer some options that can be made ahead, put into a crock pot/slow cooker, or quickly prepared that morning. This is so that I have time for last minute cleaning, and to get myself together.

A sample menu of what I've prepared before:
Quiche Lorraine
Fresh Fruit Salad
Mini-Bagels w/ cream cheese
Coffee & Mimosas

You just can't go wrong with a good quiche in my opinion, and fresh fruit is always popular... But I'd love to something with a bit more "pizazz", LOL... This will be the first time that most of these ladies will have been to my new home and I'd like to make this brunch special.

Any recommendations would be great! Thanks in advance!


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fruit platter with yogurt dipping sauce
mini muffins
cheese platter

How about Monte Cristo sandwiches?

They take 3 slices of cooked french toast. And in an oven proof baking dish, you put one piece of french toast, then a slice of turkey cold cuts and a slice of cheese (I use Munster) and then another slice of french toast and then a slice of ham along with another slice of cheese and then topped with the last piece of french toast. Bake it in a low over (300 degrees) until cheese is melty. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and cut into triangles. Serve with strawberry jelly on the side.

Good luck.

Nice! I'd come join you if you'd extend the invite over. lol Although, the Mini Bagel with cheese kinda sound plain. Why not add smoked salmon to that and make it bagel and lox? Do you intend to serve any soup? I love Gazpacho or cream of mushroom too since you have quiche and fruits. :D

fruit eggs pigs in blankent grits

This is quite wonderful. It's like a warm cheesecake. I serve it with Polaner All Fruit, but you could use pie filling just as well, or any kind of jelly. Don't try to make this the night before and put it in the refrigerator over night. It will take forever to bake if you do. We had it for dessert the first time I made it.


The men in my family go nuts for these Bisquick Sausage Balls. I think you need to decrease the amount of Bisquick a bit, but I haven't tried that yet. They love them, but I think they're a little doughy.


There are a lot of French Toast casseroles too. I made this one a couple years ago with apple pie filling in it.


I do brunch on Christmas for my family, which is full of young men. They eat like horses, but they all like these things. I usually have two of these casseroles

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