Joint Birthday Party for two teen girls?!

Question: Joint Birthday Party for two teen girls?
Me and my bff are having a double birthday this year!
We plan to invite 20 people.
I need ideas for:
-A venue
-Any other suggestions!



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I recommend in a public park or a pool party. get a permit to allow local rock band to play, even a dj, serve pizza and soda, or bbq potato salad is good.. but only to the people that were invited. then take the party,


Planning a children's party can be a little overwhelming... even scary. After all, throwing a great party is something your child will remember for a long lime. On the other hand, if the party bombs they will NEVER forget it.

The easiest way to ensure a successful party is to build it around one central theme.

A theme will allow you to integrate all the different elements of the party, it will point you in the right decorating direction, and it will help you plan your activities. Having a theme is essential.

Here are some tips to find Themes for Kids Parties…

Venue could be your and your friends favorite restaurant

Since you're inviting 20 people the theme could be "The Roaring 20's" and you could decorate the place like that or have your guests wear something '20 style, like ladies in hats, etc.

Play some 1920's music, etc.

Make your own invitations by looking up 1920's style photographs or old tin type gifs online. Word it how you like. You'll save a bundle!

Wishing a GREAT birthday to you both!

go to the mall with 2 teams, one for each bday girl. Bring 2 ditagel cameras (1 for each team) then make a check list o fstuff you need a picture of. Like a cute boy, someone wearing a bra outside their clothes, giving a random 5 year old a high 5 wearing really high heels. someone in a fountin, give a store clerk a hug. flirt with a sales person, ask everyone their name, and so on for more email me at

I'd give you more personalized ideas for invitations if you included what kind of party you wanted to have (like a theme..)
Try looking around here.…

Depends on what kind of things you like.

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