Should I go to the party?!

Question: Should I go to the party?
There was supposed to be this party for all the 1st graders (that equals 11th grade, except nobody knew each other when we first started school this year). The party got canceled, but the girl who was throwing the "pre-party" for our class made it into a real party for our class. Now, I wasn't so excited for the party in the first place because I don't really have any "real" friend at my new school yet. Pluss, I don't drink. And I'm shy when it comes to dancing among people I don't know that well. So I think I'd just be uncomfortable. And I'd rather be with my real friends from other schools. But if I don't go, that might cause me to sorta become an outcast.


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Don't do anything that you don't want to. If you believe going to this party will cause discomfort to you, then it would be smart not to go, especially as you say you don't drink. If you do what you believe is right and not go, people will respect you for that and won't think of you as an outcast. If possible, see if you can invite one of your real friends to the party so you will have someone to hang out with. Base your decision on if you really want to, and don't worry about what others will think of you.
Good luck! xD

I think is best if you DO drink. Because then you become more relaxed and will talk to people. This is THE opportunity to make friends. You only need one or two MAX drinks. What you think???

well just dress well ask someone to join u there and parties in general a re a rally good lace to meet and get to know people very well..:)

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