Ideas for a 14th birthday party?!?!?!?!

Question: Ideas for a 14th birthday party?!?!?!?
I am going to be 14 in November :D
My mum wants to know what I want to do for my party and I have no idea!
I am going to invite atl least 6 of my best friends
Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks :) x


ok i just had my 14th birthday (Sep. 15th) and i had tons of fun doing paintball/ sleepover... BUT thats just me... as for games at home:

SCAVENGER HUNT- a easy classic game... try doing it in a mall.. for example... get 3 plastic bags from diffrent stores... take a photo wearing a blue dress from a clothing store ... stuff like that.

PINATA- always fun... you can put small prizes and candy... i got a spongebob pinata... (this may sound violent) but my friends had fun bludgeoning him to little pieces... we all hate spongbob so it was fun beating the c*** outta him...

FLASHLIGHT TAG- as a night game you cant go wrong with flashlight tag. its a fun and easy games and flashlights aren't that expensive. all you need is a open space with hiding spots... preferably a park.

CAPTURE THE FLAG- a great active game that has many variations to it so you can come up with anything.

PASS THE PARCEL- a fun variation of hot potato... all you need is old newspaper, tape, and a few small prizes... depending on how many people your inviting should depend on how many prizes you buy. when playing make sure every one gets a prize of some sort. Also i put in little dares like stand on one foot and quack like a duck for 20 seconds... oh and dont forget the music.

TPING (toliet papering)- without a doubt the most fun thing ever... buy some silly string and bunches of toilet paper... and tell your daughters friends TO WEAR BLACK... oh and no sparkles.... Also i would wait till 11 to midnight to go. oh and never wear flip flops... they make too much noise... if you have to hide they might give you away...

STORIES- i decided to play this game with my friends this year and it came off a hit. while eating or doing some laid back activity pass around a notebook with a pencil.. Decide who starts the story. The first person to start the story makes up a beginning (3 to 5 sentences). The first few sentences should be written on one page but the LAST SENTENCE gets written on the next. (Use a notebook so you can just flip to the next page) Then he or she passes the notebook to the next person and that person makes up some more of the story but they can only read the last sentence of the person before. This makes the stories more funny. They then write some more and then put the last sentence of their part on the next page and pass it to the next person. ect. ect. until it gets back to the story starter. Then he or she reads the story out loud. Most of the stories are funny. one more thing the person must wright it so nobody can see what there writing... it makes it funner.

CHUBBY BUNNY- i played this with my friends and it was fun and surprising. all you need is a few bags of marshmallows (we used 2 bags for 7 people) and a plate. what you do in the game is you stick one marshmellow in your mouth at a time... each time you put a marshmallow in your mouth you say the word "chubby bunny". once you reach the limit of how many marshmallows you can put in your mouth you can use the plate to spit them out... or you could eat them... its always fun to see who has the "biggest mouth"...

SHIP MATES- i was going to play this game at my party but i didnt have time but it is a fun game... Divide the players into groups of two. Scatter objects all over the floor of a large area or room. There should be at least 4 objects for every team of two. Some objects can be small, like a pair of tweezers or a quarter, and other objects can be big like a remote or a plate. One person on each team is blindfolded and holds a paper bag. Their partner (the shipmate) must tell them where to pick up items on the floor using verbal directions such as "go right, now straight, now left, now bend down and pick it up". The player puts the item in his/her bag and whoever gets the most after all the items are gone wins!

SNOW BALL FIGHT- as for materials your gonna need plenty of panty hose, preferably white (local $ store is a great resource) and 25lbs+ flour.. first you put a cup or so of flour into the leg of hose.Tie off as close as possible to the top of the flour.Cut the hose above the knot.You now have your first "snow ball"Try it!! Continue by tying, filling, tying, cutting. It's a bit of prep work - but worth it! The "snowballs" last a long time! although be warned... be prepared for a mess!White will be all over everything in your yard Use a leaf-blower to dust off the kids. Get as much as you can cleaned up before it rains. The memory is worth the mess!... also i normally use the playground near my house so i dont have to worry about the mess... also i would buy a few cheap raincoats or ponchos if your friends dont want to get dirty...

i hope this helps... i know i always ask for advice during my party...

Hiya, i'm also turning14 in November :-) (6th) & i'm having the same problem to think of ideas, but if i was aloud again, then i would have a limo again, it was so much fun i invited about 6/7 of my friends and we went in a limo after having a meal, it was pitch black outside & it stopped in town & we took pictures etc.. if you were thinking of doing that then heres a website:
However, you might not want to do that..
So just search 14th party ideas into google & maybe that might give you a few ideas.. :-)
Or a spa night? sleepover? themepark/fun fair?
up to you..but theres a few suggestions :-)
Have fun..xx

hi jessica
bob bob, you are a disgusting person-get a life.
i am also turning 14, only in october, here is a useful website in source

good luck and happy birthday!…

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