What would entertain 11-14 year olds at a wedding?!

Question: What would entertain 11-14 year olds at a wedding?
My wedding is in a few weeks and there are alot of kids attending (approximately 17). we are giving colouring and activity books to all the younger kids eg anyone under 9 but what can we do for the older kids eg 11 to 14 both boys and girls. I know they are at the age where they don't want colouring in stuff but i just cant think of anything good and simple.


Wow...you have a real chore - figuring out how to keep 17 tweens and teens occupied.

Well, this may be a help and may not - if you are worried about them being occupied during the ceremony so they don't act out...how about giving them disposable cameras for the ceremony and tell them to get candid photos of the wedding and guests inside the ceremony? Now, to get 17 cameras developed is going to cost you a pretty penny.

But, I would write their names on the camera before they start and then you can kinda judge who are the most responsible kids in that group and start with developing those kids cameras first and see if you have some keeper photos. You never know, what if your photographer doesn't do a good job during the ceremony - you might just be relieved you have 17 photographers out in your audience!

Good luck.

i would say maybe their own sitting area or own dessert's table, id try getting a photobooth! those are very popular in my city and you can call around or even ask your own photographer if they offer photobooths. otherwise id say have a special few songs for them to dance to, or maybe even give them a few disposable cameras for them to document the reception :)

at my aunts wedding we invented stuff to do. namely, we got bored and started throwing m&m's into peoples bags and cups of water. i came in 2nd but it was a good second. Just let them do whatever

well my friend and i are answering this question so:

i- like candy it entartains me,music, crafts, goodies, dancing, etc....

My memories of when i was 11

A WII set up somewhere with games. A few decks of card games like UNO or some such games with instructions. A mini Karaoke machine in a side room set up.
Justin Beiber.

deck of cards, ipods, or tell them to video... For some reason kids really like to video things, it makes them feal usefull

put them in a closet and lock them... who needs weddings plus what kinda hobo has a wedding these days????? uglyfatface

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