I need Candy idea's for a CANDYLAND themed Sweet 16?!

Question: I need Candy idea's for a CANDYLAND themed Sweet 16?
I'm planning a "really sweet 16" aka candyland themed.
Candy ideas ? .. i was planning not to have food , but only have desert .
What do you guys think?


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I had a candy buffet for favors at a party. They are so awesome looking! Here are some pix:



One candy idea is to melt chocolate chips in a microwave (50% power for 40 sec and then check to see if needed longer)...and then take pretzel rods and roll them halfway in melted chocolate and then add colorful candy sprinkles>>>stand them all up in a pretty glass container and tie a bow around it.

Here's a site for you to make some Almond Joy candy for your party.....yummm!

Go online and get some old-fashioned nostalgia candy: like those candy buttons on paper from the 50's.

It would probably help to have "candy" decorations too!

I know my school once had an Willy Wonka themed homecoming and they had giant lollipop decorations all over the place! It might help to think about how Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory was decorated with big "gummi bears" all over the place :) Enjoy your sweet sixteen!

See's Candies, Chocolate Buffets, Candy Buffets, make your own sundae, make your own smoothie, make your own sweet stuff, YUMM!!! :))

Multi-colored gum drops and big ribbon like lolli-pops come to mind. They would add to the color atmosphere. Sounds GREAT.....have fun!!!

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