Birthday doo ideas?...?!

Question: Birthday doo ideas?...?
I am turning 18 soon and want to do something for my birthday, have limited money so i was thinking do what everyone else is doing and go to pubs then clubs, but i need ideas to make this a little bit more different to everyone else's birthday doo's (: I was thinking maybe shots round my house before hand and get a different variety, like you can create your own shots etc. Thanks!


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1. Have a formal party where everyone dresses up.
2. Rent a karaoke machine and sing the night away with friends!
3. Have a themed party of "Remember Your Youth" by having a little kid's party. Have cartoon decorations, play pin the tail on the donkey, have a pi?ata. Just like the old days! It will be different and unique....I bet you will end up having a real laugh...Anyway Happy Birthday for your 18th

For my 18th, I had a formal masquerade party. Since I live in the US I couldn't drink then, but I rented out a hall, decorated it mardi gras theme and had everyone wear masks. We had a DJ come in and it was lots of fun, dancing, etc. Maybe you could do a formal dance like that at a club/pub instead. Or like you said, do some pre-gaming at your own house and then go out!

You could make your own jello shots. They are easy to make and always a good way to celebrate, since money is tight I would recommend doing most of your drinking at your house

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