Is this a good idea for my 14 birthday party?!

Question: Is this a good idea for my 14 birthday party?
I am in high school and decided to invite 15 of my friends out to dinner at a hibachi restaurant from like 6:30-9:30 i thought would be a good time-do you think i should do this? or is it to boring and do i need party favors? Also, what should i wear to it? any other relatively inexpensive ideas? How should i send out invitations via facebook or mail or text? Also is 15 girls to much or to little? thanks!


it seems like a good idea but make sure that the girls that you invite know at least 2 other girls well so that they won't get bored. I suggest wearing something casual but pretty. Wear some makeup & have your hair done. If you send invitations through facebook, some other people might get offended because they were not invited. So i suggest mailing. 10-15 girls is a good amount. Other ideas: pool party, backyard party, etc. Have fun ^^


well no offense, but it sorta sounds a little boring, your going to eat dinner for your birthday for three hours? I think it might be more fun to go to the mall or the movies or roller skating or just have a sleep-over w/ pizza or something. But if you go with the idea of the hibachi restaurant, then you should wear jeans and a fancy-ish shirt. You wouldn't need party favors because you would be taking them out for dinner, and you should send invitations through the mail, because it's fun to get mail and they cant forget to read it or something because they will physically have the card. Hope i can help!

kinda boring

What i'm doing in 2 weeks is have a little kid party, like with carebears, hello kitty, Strawberry shortcake.


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