I want to have an awesome party!?!

Question: I want to have an awesome party!?
I'm going to have a birthday/sleepover party at my house with a few friends. I want to have part of the night designated to dancing in a black lit room, you know that special light that makes white glow in the dark. I'm also going to have the traditional pizza and cake. I really don't know what else to do. the party will be in my basement (mine is a good size for a party for around 10 people). Do you think people will think I'm weird if I have a station set up for video games? also I would have a "dance floor" and hopefully some activities. I was thinking one of the activities could be designing our own outfits and showing them off on the runway. I don't want my party to be too expensive, but does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


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I dont know about death from a black light if not the FDA would regulate it more.
The right ligting is best to get ppl dancing (new music does also)

too much blacklight leads to radiation poisoning which leads to death. just saying. but a video game station is a little dorky, and whenever my friends have parties with a dancefloor it gets kinda awkward, because nobody wants to actually dance.

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