Cheap meal idea for a group of about 12 people. Any Suggestions?!

Question: Cheap meal idea for a group of about 12 people. Any Suggestions?
Looking for a cheap meal idea for 12 people.

-Type of food should about lunch quality (so bag of chips with 3 different dips and some cookies won't cut it).
-under $35 overall (preferably under $25)
-only have access to a microwave and fridge. No toaster or stove.
-feeds about 12 adults
-two out of the 12 are vegetarian

Any suggestions?

One possible idea is lunchables...but don't want to bring that.


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Spaghetti, you can make a seperate bowl meatless. And a salad.

You could heat it in the microwave if it's a glass dish.

Is this an event where others will be bringing food as well?
Is this more of a family & friends type of gathering, or a luncheon for your work or what?
Here are some ideas, could have more if you can give more info.

See what you have on hand. Any fruit? Make a fruit salad if you have the stuff, even canned pineapple with mandarin oranges, & bananas sliced. Use what you have. You could make something like potato salad or macaroni salad. To make the mac salad boil your water in the microwave then add noodles & put back in to boil til noodles are done, but you can only do this if your microwave is large or in several batches. The potato salad would be easier, clean your potatoes poke holes in them, and microwave until they are tender. Maybe get some cheddar cheese & cube it, pepperoni, olives & crackers on a platter.


Pasta Salad with a GOOD dressing loaded with veggies.

two big italy pizzas from pizza hut, no meat, or maybe on one pizza, ranges to a 26 dollar price, one box has 18 the math lol

How about a mixed meat, cheese, and veggie platter with dips and crackers?

fritio chilie chicken

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