Fun October birthday party ideas for a 13-year-old?!

Question: Fun October birthday party ideas for a 13-year-old?
BTW this isn't Juan i'm his cousin I'm just using his account lol. But yeah, My 14th birthday is coming up and I want to have a party. Any ideas? Something fun, creative plzzz! Also, it's in October. Thanks!


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I agree with Faith

hi Juan's cousin..well if i were a boy i would probably go paint balling somewhere with a bunch of your friends. (remember to invite some girls to, because we like paintballin to;p) depends where you live but there might be a place for that, then after you could get some pizza or go to the food court in the mall. then have some of yur closer friends ssleepover and stay up all night prank calling gurls you like haha and playing video games:p hah tht seems pretty sweet to me:D haha hope its helpful..maybe! pce.<3

my souce is my head...:s!!

well it depends on you're budgit(money). If you really want something fun I agree with Faith that paintballing, laser tag or go-carting is the best way yo go. Maybe for a movie and games will be great too. good luck

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