I Need some ideas and suggestions for a 50th birthday party that I'm planning?!

Question: I Need some ideas and suggestions for a 50th birthday party that I'm planning?
The theme is Caribbean(Cruising the islands) For a guy.
This birthday celebration is scheduled for late October.
This is my first time doing this party theme and I need your help with suggestions.

Thanks, in advance for your help.


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You could :
-find some Caribbean music or maybe songs with waves, and bird sounds. (Junkanoo)
-Maybe have a hot tub?
-For drinks, you could have cut open coconuts
-For food, you could buy or cut fruit plates
-Fruit Hats
-Plastic Margarita Cups
-Cocktail Umbrellas
-For invitations, you could print up colorful beach invites, with turquoise water, sandy beaches, blues skies, swaying palm trees..etc.
-You could make fake palm trees and tape them on the wall/ or maybe inflatable plastic palm trees. Also, Tropical Fish would work too
-Room Fragrance with tropical scents
-Limbo Dancing for activities`
-Fish Tank with real/fake tropical fish
-Colorful table cloth
-Have beach towels laying on the floor
-Decorate the place with seashells and tiki torches, real or fake. (perferbably fake)
-Wear Braided Wigs

Hope This Helped!

I think this website might help.

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