how to throw a hobo party?!

Question: How to throw a hobo party?
how would u throw a hobo party???
please help:)


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Along with your regular guests, invite a few hobos to make it genuine. They should turn up, I mean there's free food and drink there, right?

Steal shopping carts and put them all over your backyard, tip em over and have em as tables.

Food - hamburgers with fake bites taken out of them.

Have everyone dress like a bum or grungy.

Have someone with a guitar sitting there playing with a hat or a cup in front of them to catch tips.

Throw old soda cans all over your backyard.

Have sleeping bags everywhere or big unfolded cardboard boxes for everyone to sit on.

Drink water from the water hose.

LoL this is so funny, I've never heard of someone wanting to throw a bum party.

Have everyone dress like hobo's, have a fire in a back yard fire pit and make hobo dinners. Hobo dinners are cheap ingredients, foil wrapped and cooked on coals. We make ours with ground beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, little butter and salt and pepper.

It'll be like camping!

Oh yeah, if you're old enough, don't forget to buy 40's and tall cans of beer and wrap them in their own paper bag. lol

Back alley, whoever wants in bring ur own sh**! probably no one will bring stuff so that will go with the theme :D

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