Drinking games for my bday?!

Question: Drinking games for my bday?
Any ideas on drinking games for my bday, preferably explained and not toooo silly please, cheers ppl :D


Backwards beer pong. Teams to finish beer first wins.

No ball tossing, play with paddles. If you miss, just reserve, no big deal. Two players to a team.
If your team hits the opposte teams beer, you must open and start driking your beer (which must be on the pong table) as fast as you can. You stop drinking the moment the opposite team retrieves the ball and has it back on the table.
When the opposite team hits your beer, of coruse, they start drinking. You and your team must must retrieve the ball and get it back on the table as fast as possible
Both team members must finish beer to win.

Fun stuff...when ball goes astray without hitting a beer can, feel free to nearly kill other trying to get the ball first for the serve. Be fair, if someone has the ball, don't try to take it from them...just try get it first.

Chase the quarters is fun
You need 2 shot glasses and two quarters, plus a glass to set in the middle.
Everyone sits in circle. About a half a beer poured in to the center glass.
Shot glasses are given to people opposite each other. They start trying to bounce the quarter in to the shot glasses.
If they make it in, they quickly pass it to the right. It always goes to the right...until...
Make it in twice in a row and the shot glass direction reverses.
Make it in three times in a row and the glass goes to the person opposite the table.
If you attempt to get it in 2 or 3 times in a row and fail, you must start over as if you never got 1.
The object is to get one of your friends stuck with two shot glass. Whenever a person has a shot glass and a second it passed to them before they get rid of the first, they must chug the half beer in the center of the table. This person, and the person opposite them at the table, start the next round.

Drinking games. Really? How old are you, 12.


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