Ideas for fun things to do at my 14th B-day party?!

Question: Ideas for fun things to do at my 14th B-day party?
Its just a small get together with maybe ten people and its a sleepover...i just dont want everyone to be bored...any ideas


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You could do a "Hollywood Oscars Night" theme ~ when guests arrive do nails etc (spa type) and dress-up 'prom' style for the 'Oscars'...decorate with gold, silver & white balloons, set a table (formal) with white linen table cloth, silver cutlery, champagne glasses, white flowers with black ribbon and silver and gold stars scattered over table - ask you dad to dress up like a waiter, serve chicken and 'champagne' (apple cider) ~ for games you could do a movie trivia, watch old movies. a "back to basics" party ... do all the things you loved when you were 8-10yrs old....fairy bread, honey joys, cupcakes a craft activity, byo teddy bear, watch a 'kiddie' movie (like the princess bride or something funny) do each other's nails/hair etc

OR...just do a sophisticated but basic home party - select two colours you love and work from this - ie silver and pink - for invitations use pink paper and print out basic invite details - tie a fine silver ribbon to the top, for your home...get balloons in these colours - have a pink table cloth with silver plates, cups and napkins etc GAMES - "How well do you know the Birthday Girl" - give each guest a pen and paper - questions could include - "what's my favorite colour", "which teacher do I like/dislike" etc - give a prize to the person who has the most correct answers. 2/. "Who am I" tape a name to the back of each person (ie Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus etc) - one by one each person asks a YES/No question until they can guess who they are 3/. Scavenger hunt - this could be something that is done as a group exercise - ie split into 2 groups - put common household items on a list (ie paper clip, garbage bag etc) and go door to door in your street inorder to get items - 1st one to get all win
For dinner - do homemade pizza - put out a selection of pizza toppings and each girl makes there own!
For dessert - a chocolate fountain is great fun - put strawberries, banana, marshmellows etc around it and enjoy (YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Happy Birthday ~ hope you have fun :)

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