How can I get invited to a cool Halloween party?!

Question: How can I get invited to a cool Halloween party?
I'm in 9th grade, so there probably wont be anyone in my grade who is throwing any cool parties. Do you think 10th graders would? How could i meet some? If I don't get invited to any parties, any ideas of what to do with my friends on Halloween?


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Have your own party.

Make a list of friends/classmates you want to invite, talk to your parents & check to see if it's OK to have a few friends over.

Make Halloween cookes and spooky type food - you can research "halloween recipes" on the net.

Don't wait for someone else, do it yourself - but again - check with your parents first.

Ask your parents if you can have one over at their house or just bring some of your good friends over and cook smores or something fun if you have a fire pit outside.. If not, then ask around school if there is any parties going on close or on Halloween? Go out with your friends to some haunted houses and just have fun with a couple of closer friends instead of a whole load of people, maybe?

Why don't you ask your parents if you could have a scary halloween sleep over and invite all your friends, you will be the talk of the 9th grade if you make it scary enough. Play scary games, tell horror stories, have masks and face paints and sit in the dark with torches and snacks.

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