16th birthday party ideas/advice!?!

Question: 16th birthday party ideas/advice!?
i'm thinking of having a 16th birthday party..
i have a pool and was thinking of having a pool party/BBQ kind of thing at night
there's about 25 people i want to invite
i have a trampoline, pool, outdoor fire place thing where you can toast marshmellows etc.. would that be ok?
i'm kind of the new(ish) shy kid and i really dont want it to be a fail birthday party..

also, i have a couple friends that wont know anyone thats at the party besides me but i'm inviting them because theyre my best friends.. i dont want them to feel awkward!

and i dont want to invite some people but i think theyll be offended if i dont invite them... i'm not sure who to invite and who not to invite! any tips/advice? some kids i think will muck up a bit but they invited me to their parties! i dont want things to get out of hand or anything

could you guys please give me some tips? i've never really had a party like this before since i was like, 10
what if hardly anyone shows up? what if my house isnt "good enough"? all my friends live in ammaaazing houses and mine is really ordinary compared to theirs
maybe i should just not have one?

thank you! any advice/ideas would be so helpful to me and i greatly appreciate it! thank you!!


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Hey Lauren,

Brilliant ideas so far!

I'm sure it won't be a fail party, and with 25 people, it's not overly intimate, but not crowded. That's nice of you to invite others so they don't feel awkward. Good idea.

If you really don't want to invite someone, don't. And that's not being rude,

Have an RSVP, that way you know

To avoid any awkwardness (I get really self conscious during parties and like to have a running plan so that in the event that everyone is standing around awkwardly, I have something for everyone to do) perhaps make a running plan, or just map out in your head what you might like to do.

I recently had my 17th (winter in Australia), maybe you could do a similar thing for your birthday if you like: I had a garage party. I cleared it out, got out my stereo. My friends brought along their favourite CD’s to listen and dance to. All I needed to buy was some finger food and a few decorations. I also made up lollybags :D (lollybags are still cool, no matter what anyone says :P haha!)
Perhaps make it themed, if your girly, make the theme 'you all have to wear pink' or something like that. At my party, we had a donut eating competition, dance off (two teams- it sounds lame but everyone was uncontrollably laughing at some of the moves we all came up with) and balloon voleyball. For my friend’s last party, the theme was "dress as something that shares the first letter of your name". For example, my names lily and I went as a lion haha.

One game that we played was this card discussion game. We all created hypothetical scenarios on some cards. Then we put them all together, mixed them around a bit, and then pulled one out, read it out and all discussed it.
eg: 'Be married but live in the 60’s or be single and live in the 1900’s?'
*going around the circle*
person one: definitely in the 60’s I can relate more...
person two: no no! I’ve always wanted to secretly travel back in time, going to the 1900’s would be amazing!
You would not believe that amount of discussion that was created! We learnt so much about each other through the most bizarre questions.
Maybe also get your friends to bring along a plate of food to share and their favourite CDs and DVDs to play in the background.

No, I think it is a lovely idea. Don't worry about comparing houses. That is never an issue. Ever. And only insecure people gossip about the wealth of another's house- people's enjoyment on your celebration will be dependent on what happened!

Do you rememeber those old cameras that had film? Haha. Buy a few disposable cameras and leave them around the house. People can then take photos and you can get them developed!

After the party, I printed out a photo of a group photo at the party for all those who attended and wrote a personal thank-you note for and presents & their attendance.
In deciding who you want to come, this may help you in deciding. If you wouldn't feel comfortable writing out a thankyou note to someone that you don't really like, this is a sign that you maybe shouldn't invite them.

Hope this helped a little, good luck & hope you have fun! Enjoy your day!


It does not matter what your house looks like. You have a pool and that will be fun.

Put up some decorations around the pool and have food and music.

here are some sweet 16 party ideas


- 25 is a lot, my advice would be to narrow the number down to between 10 and 16. It will be easier
to control that number especially when there is a pool involved. Having more people at a party
won't make it better instead it can be the opposite and cause lots of problems. It will be more
fun and less stressful also. (I would pack up the trampoline for the night because with so many
kids it will definately cause accidents and your parents don't need that responsibility.)

- Only invite people that you really want to come, leave out all the trouble makers 'cause you don't
want to be mixing with these sorts of kids anyway. Get your closest friends together and get
them to help you make up a list but you have the last say.

- Don't stress about your house, concentrate on decorating the backyard. Buy cheap tiki torches
from dollar shops to put around the pool/yard. Set up a music/dance area.

- Apart from your parents, ask a couple of friend's dads, uncles etc. to help out and keep the kids
in line especially around the pool area.

- Also do not post details of your party anywhere online, even facebook and hand out or post
invitations to guests and tell them to bring their invite to the party so one of your helpers can
check out who is arriving.

- Another good tip for your parents is to register your party with your local police station 2 weeks
before the party and they will give tips and be able to respond if there happens to be any gate
crashers or problems.

If you take precausions, think about who you invite and plan well then there is not reason why you can't have a great night. Just remember that you can't be friends and popular with everyone so best to choose who you celebrate with wisely. HAPPY 16TH!

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