16th party ideas/advice!? thank you!!!?!

Question: 16th party ideas/advice!? thank you!!!?
i'm thinking of having a 16th birthday party..
i have a pool and was thinking of having a pool party/BBQ kind of thing at night
there's about 25 people i want to invite
i have a trampoline, pool, outdoor fire place thing where you can toast marshmellows etc.. would that be ok?
i'm kind of the new(ish) shy kid and i really dont want it to be a fail birthday party..

also, i have a couple friends that wont know anyone thats at the party besides me but i'm inviting them because theyre my best friends.. i dont want them to feel awkward!

and i dont want to invite some people but i think theyll be offended if i dont invite them... i'm not sure who to invite and who not to invite! any tips/advice? some kids i think will muck up a bit but they invited me to their parties! i dont want things to get out of hand or anything

could you guys please give me some tips? i've never really had a party like this before since i was like, 10
what if hardly anyone shows up? what if my house isnt "good enough"? all my friends live in ammaaazing houses and mine is really ordinary compared to theirs
maybe i should just not have one?

thank you! any advice/ideas would be so helpful to me and i greatly appreciate it! thank you!!


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You should definitely have a party and I competely understand about who difficult it is to know who to invite. Personally I always ended up inviting the people who invited me to theirs (even though we weren't that close) if you are have ~25 people there then you really won't notice them too much anyway. As for you friends who don't know anyboday that is what paries are all about. It is a great way to meet people - and that hold true for when you get older too.

Don't be embarassed about your house - I know that is hard but honestly you probably think it is worse than it is so don't worry. People will have a good time as long as you are having a good time. It is all about the atmosphere of the party. If people are having fun (AKA you) it will be contagious

A BBQ & pool sound like a perfect combo - put out drinks & snacks and music and I really think that is all you need!

ok first off who cares who u invite or not its ur day not theirs stop worring if they r ur friends they will show up...i only had 5 ppl show up for my 16th but i had an amazing time it was totaly worth it

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