birthday party ideas?!

Question: Birthday party ideas?
Me & my friend are going to have a birthday party
we need ideas!
and a cool theme!(:


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Pick a theme for example:

Las Vegas
Rock N Roll
Hippies of the 60's
black & white etc. etc.
These items can be purchased at any dollar store.

Have each guest bring or wear something from that Era.

Hey Summer,

I recently had my 17th (winter in Australia), maybe you could do a similar thing for your birthday if you like:

I had a garage party. I cleared it out, got out my stereo. My friends brought along their favourite CD’s to listen and dance to. All I needed to buy was some finger food and a few decorations. I also made up lollybags :D (lollybags are still cool, no matter what anyone says :P haha!)
Perhaps make it themed, if your girly, make the theme 'you all have to wear pink' or something like that. At my party, we had a donut eating competition, dance off (two teams- it sounds lame but everyone was uncontrollably laughing at some of the moves we all came up with) and balloon voleyball. For my friend’s last party, the theme was "dress as something that shares the first letter of your name". For example, my names lily and I went as a lion haha.
If you can't do it at home, maybe rent out a hall.

One game that we played was this card discussion game. We all created hypothetical scenarios on some cards. Then we put them all together, mixed them around a bit, and then pulled one out, read it out and all discussed it.
eg: 'Be married but live in the 60’s or be single and live in the 1900’s?'
*going around the circle*
person one: definitely in the 60’s I can relate more...
person two: no no! I’ve always wanted to secretly travel back in time, going to the 1900’s would be amazing!
You would not believe that amount of discussion that was created! We learnt so much about each other through the most bizarre questions.
Maybe also get your friends to bring along a plate of food to share and their favourite CDs and DVDs to play in the background.

As stereotypical as it all sounds, we all actually had a lot of fun. And, great photos :D

If you don’t like this idea, perhaps a picnic? This is relatively inexpensive, bring along a picnic basket, some home made cupcakes etc and you can all gossip and have fun at a park.

Maybe you & your friends might like these activities:
- Ice skating
- Theme/ Amusement park
- Movies
- Restaurant
- Bowling
- Girl's night out

If money is an issue:
- Picnics are always fun
- Swimming pool
- All going to a video store, picking out a few dvds and set out the lounge room like a cinema

Hope this helped a little, good luck & hope you have fun!

live in a warm(ish) area??? pool party! cool(cold) weather, have a gaming system contest(s) (such as halo 3 contest, wii sports challenge etc.)

look here for ideas:

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