Is it weird to have like 40 girls and only 15 guys at a sweet sixteen?!

Question: Is it weird to have like 40 girls and only 15 guys at a sweet sixteen?
I want to have a sweet sixteen with both guys and girls. I have a list, and there's about 40 girls, and only about 15 guys. Is that weird? Haha. I'm not extremely close with a lot of guys.


Crazy answers lol... Well if you are a girl you probably know more girls specially at that age and a bit shy around guys. 15 is not so bad. Lots of competition though. Maybe the other girls can bring a date if you want to balance things out. Anyways have fun and happy birthday.

40 divided by 15 = 2.66 - It means a dude can have 2.66 partners, each!!!

BJ's , HJ's a circle .................. just use your imagination!!!

No not really lol i have more girl friends than guy to!

If I was one of the 15 guys, I would like that :D


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