I need some ideas please?!

Question: I need some ideas please?
My boyfriends 25th birthday is coming up in a month and I want to make him a cake. I have made a car and heart shaped cake before so I am capable of making fun cakes. He is really into running, still in college with a business and sports major. He is a country boy that lives on a farm and drives his blue f350. His favorite color is yellow. His mom will probably see the cake so no inappropriate ideas please. Any ideas will help even if it has nothing to do with his interests. Thanks.


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Gift him a Yellow colour T-Shirt

Confused, don't know why your asking us for, you have the answer right in front of you. Your good at baking novelty cakes. Make his F350, the wheels can be made from chocolate, use a blue butter cream rather than using the cream cheese, I guess you do some of the cake dressing in yellow.

In the center of the cake you could use a sweet fresh cream or a good French Vanilla Custard. Getting carried away here. Just use your imagination.

Okay, I have an idea for you for a cake for your boyfriend...a scrapbook cake....here's the cake pan...


Then you need to find one of the places that makes the edible photos and take in photos of the things you said he likes: his truck, his farm, etc. and put those on the cake. His mom should find the cake adorable too!

Good luck.

make a farm style cake with horses make it like annie get your gun the musical with you and him face to face that would be so romantic maybe with a heart arch

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