Sweet 16 party favors?!

Question: Sweet 16 party favors?
I am having a small sweet 16 party only 15 friends just at my house. My colors are silver and pink. There are 5 boys and then there are 10 girls so what should I do for party favors?


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Well Think Individual. How R Ur Friends And What Do They All Like. Also Like My Mom Tells Me, Give Them Something You Would Want Yourself. Trust Me It Works All The Time. :)

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Lollies are always good :)
But also you could have...
.Pens and pencils (silver perhaps)
.Key chains
.Something you have made yourself (e.g. a small origami animal)
.A mix c.d. of the music you played at the party
.Bookmarks (If your friends are the reading type)
For the boys....
.temporary tattoos
.cheap small remote control toys (trust me, ive seen adult men be amused by them)
.head bands or sweat bands
For the girls...
.Cute hair clips (pink perhaps)
.Bubble blowers
.Cheap bracelets and rings.

Good luck, and have a wonderful Birthday :)

For the girls -
Lip gloss.
Pink and silver nail polish.
Mini perfume bottles (maybe a scent that is pink in color).
Cute pens (pink and/or silver).
Pink or silver eye shadows.
Make up brushes.
Mini note pads.

For the boys -
Mini cologne bottles.
Deck of cards.
iTunes gift card.

look here at the party favor section:

You can never go wrong with candy. and hen for girls little nail polishes and the guys i have noooo idea sorry :b

have a good birthday though!

gift cards. regular cards. itunes cards.
isnt 16 a bit old for party favors?

bubble gum lots and lots of bubble gum and i pod touches

my heard

thats a thoughy! since you have boys coming you should make it something neutral.

Wow i'm sorry that you have to have a HORRIBLE birthday...

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