things to do in my friends bday party?!

Question: Things to do in my friends bday party?
so im planning my friends 18th bday party and were inviting about 30 people give or take a few but all of them girls. i need ideas on what we can do so the guests wont get bored. obviously therell be music and dancing and food and the such but i need more ideas cuz i wanna make it unforgettable because its our last birthday together cuz once we graduate were shipping off to colleges around the world. so plz if you have any ideas then plz tell me.


ps no alcohol cuz half of us are either 15,16 or 17


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Try The Black Lights And Glow IN The Dark With Lots Of Bright Colors. Crazy Spray, Beach Balls, The Usual Crazy Teen Fantasy!!!
Have Fun!!!!

Come On Ur A TEEN

Scarlet, I am pleased you added the post script, you have food you have music, if it's a DJ you having, if he is worth his salt he will get your people going. You guys are turning adults, and shipping off to different colleges. I think your over your pre teens games. All it needs is a couple of your closest friends to get in there and help you mingle.

karaoke, silly string battles XD! u don't need to have a bunch of activities for it to be fun, if everyone is friends and like each other u should be fine. but i do recommend silly sting battle, they are fun no matter what the age is! I'm 17 and still think it's fun! :D

my birthdays

get drunk. go to the club. party. smoke. twister. 7 minutes in heaven. scary movies. xbox live. scary xbox games. pizza. crank calls. make youtube videos. facebook. go for midnight walks. go find a pool that isnt close and swim.

what fun! musical chairs is totally fun! remember, with 30 people, a lot of conversation will be going on all over, so you can keep it easy: to make it unforgetable, how about having everyone write a one page note to the bday girl, and you or a creative friend can put it into a nice album, and as a group give it to her to read later on. Also, when you serve dessert..cupcakes for sure, they are easy, and you can get a cupcake cake at Safeway for about $30.00...up to 36 cupcakes! They can make lots of designs, so if you have a theme, I'd use the theme for the album, the cupcakes, and keep cost down.. I could go on and on, but hope this is worth the 10 points!
Good luck 2 U

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